CGGAS started trading in Sassari (north Sardinia) in the early 80's and during the past 25 years has converted more than 13,000 cars. We are  one of the top LPG conversion installers in Italy and are certified by manufacturers like Bigas, Bedini, OMVL, Stefanelli, Stargas, and Tartarini to install their products. In Italy you also need Ministry of Transport approval to be able to convert vehicles to LPG.

Our success in the LPG conversion sector  has been achieved by specializing in one activity only and by developing a good working relationship with the above manufacturers and kit suppliers in Italy.


In 2001 we decided to bring our experience to the UK and opened our first workshop in Peterborough.
To reassure our customers that our work is of the highest standards we applied to become LPGA approved installers right from the start.Following their examinations and inspections of our premises we were granted their full certification at the first attempt.In 2003 we moved to bigger premises to satisfy demand.
Our success is due to the fact that we decided to specialize in a single field, Autogas, . We believe that to excell in what you do you need to concentrate on what you do best. In the last 4 years we have established ourselves locally as professional, knowledgeable, competitive and honest.
In 2004 we have become the distributors for Stargas Equipment in the UK.



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Newark Road (near Flogas)

Tel : 01733 425100
Mob : 07941 956981

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